Great success from Tayfun Taşdemir

World Tri Band Billiards ChampionshipIn the final of the World Tri Band Billiards Championship, Turkish athlete Tayfun Taşdemir was defeated 3-2 by the South Korean rival in NTV Spor.

Turkish athlete Tayfun Taşdemir came second in the World Tri Band Billiards Championship.

The final match was played on the last day of the World Tri Band Billiards Championship held at Rixos Hotel in Tekirova, Kemer, Antalya.

Tayfun Taşdemir, who defeated Frederic Caudron of Belgium in the semi-finals, faced South Korean Won Sung Choi in the finals, who managed to eliminate his Spanish opponent in the semi-finals. Taşdemir, NTV Spor live match, Choi’e 12-15, 15-11, 15-9, 12-15, 4-15 in the match results were lost to 3-2. Taşdemir won the second place in the championship.

Won Sung Choi’s first trophy at the award ceremony held at the end of the World Billiard League President Jean Claude Dupont gave. In the ceremony, Tayfun Taşdemir won the second place, Frederic Caudron of Belgium won the third place and Daniel Sanchez, who was fourth, took the trophies.