Taşdemir rose to the final

Taşdemir rose to the finalThe semi-finals were played on the last day of the World Tri-Band Billiards Championship at the Rixos Hotel in the town of Kemer, Antalya.

Tayfun Taşdemir met Belgian Frederic Caudron in the semi-final.
Taşdemir defeated his opponent in sets 15-6, 15-12, 14-15, 15-14 with 3-1. With this result, Taşdemir rose to the final.

In the other match, South Korean Won Sung Choi beat Daniel Sanchez 3-0 with 15-5, 15-14, 15-14 in the set. Taşdemir, South Korean Won Sung Choi in the final today will fight for the world championship.

– anım I want to win the championship in my own country ”-
Tayfun Taşdemir, said in a statement, was very happy to be in the final of his own country, he said. Taşdemir stated that he played semi-finals in the official tournaments for many times but reached the finals for the first time in the world championships. It was a great organization. In such an organization we wanted to get a minimum cup as Turkish athletes. I hope we will succeed, Bunu he said.

That Turkey Billiards Federation President Ugur Kurugöll before a championship Turkish athlete guessed the finals and it noted that the typhoon Taşdemir managed. Held in Egypt last Tri-Band World Billiards Championship reminiscent Adnan Yuksel Kurugöll to win, “Tayfun Tasdemir reached the final in the championship held in Turkey. We have not lost in the finals until today, hopefully we will not lose today, medik he said.