National Billiards Visit to Darülaceze

Visit to DarülacezePresident of Turkey Billiards Federation Ugur visit Kurugöllü the participation of national athletes coming together hospice residents Murat Naci Multiple, Tayfun Tasdemir, Lutfi Cenetta, Gülşen Degener Adnan Yuksel, played billiards together.

National sportsmen, who met in Darülaceze residents in a mini pool tournament, gave gifts and provided them a good time. Elderly people in Darülaceze were also satisfied with the visit.

Kurugöll of Turkey Billiards Federation President, said they also visited the elderly in order to spend a nice time staying at the hospice, “going through a very severe winter. When we couldn’t get out of our homes for two days, we saw how hard it was. We wanted to visit our elders, our elders on site and offer them a warm environment in cold days. We told them to make them smile. We found them to be incredibly happy. We want to bring them happiness with the World Cup. I hope we had a nice day with them İn.

As a result of the Kura, the guests will host a Hospice during the World Cup in Antalya.