About Us

Billiard Max in 2003 with a grand opening into the service of you billiard lovers.

The billiards max, which is the largest hall in billiard name to date, operates in a 1000 m2 area with a total of 10 triplets and 4 pools (american billiards) and a snooker table with a rich cuisine and quality service.

Our tables are the special slate production of Platinum Billiards;

Tapes: Kleber
Profiles: Ivan Simonis
Balls: Aramith

All the necessary equipment for playing billiards at the best conditions is available in our room. Therefore, almost all the official tournaments in the province of Istanbul in the hall and pool are held in our hall.

Some of those;

  • 2004 Pool Istanbul Qualification
  • 2005 Pool Istanbul Qualification
  • 2005 Üçbant Istanbul Qualifications
  • 2003 Coaching courses