Although there are different trainings and techniques for different disciplines of billiards, it is basically the same as the ones to be learned, the training that needs to be taken in order to be able to hit the billiard ball properly and the corresponding training.

At the billiard, the ball is hit with a vehicle made of wood called a cue (also called a cue). The upper part is made by using maple (maple) and the end is produced by fixing hardened deerskin on hard plastic material.

Someone who wants to play billiards should first learn to move this vehicle back and forth, that is to do limousine.

For this, our position on the table should be balanced and our cue grip is correct.

Note: The ball in the pool is the white ball (the yellow ball is the ball in the three round billiards)

For a right-handed player;

After pointing the ball to the table in the direction we are going to throw, after determining the place where we will lie on the table (where we need to pause to hit the white ball) (we may lay back a little further than the normal in hard shots), we lean to the table with the left foot slightly ahead.

The legs should be balanced so you can break your knees according to your height.
Hold the back of the cue with your right hand and do not overtighten. Feeling the weight, feeling the weight of the cue is one of the basic conditions of being a good player, do not try to lift the front part of the cue for a flat swing, the front part of the cue will naturally rest on the hand that you are creating a bridge. Below you can see how to hold the front part of the cue by creating a bridge.

Open Bridge

Covered Bridge

Shake the handle back and forth If you feel the balance is not in balance, you can change the position of your right hand, so you can keep the back of the cue from the front or back.
Your head should be just above the cue and you should keep a distance from the length of the shot between your jaw and the cue. In some American billiards and snooker shots, the cue may be close enough to the jaw. The three-band and three-round billiards can also be higher.

Check that the limousine is level. Cue should not move left or right. An important point here is that the part of your right arm between the elbow and the shoulder should be inactive. So your arm should move only from the elbow and the upper arm should never move during the limb.

If you are new to billiards, you should repeat this training frequently and continue to exercise your arm muscles until you are familiar with this movement.

(The above examples are for right-handed players. Left-handed users should consider the opposite of left and right)

During the training, you can shake the tip of the shovel as if it will hit the same point of the white ball, or you can do this with a center-hole board.

Continue the exercises by hitting the ball. Start by hitting the center of the white ball. Because if you hit the right or the left, the ball moves to the right or to the left, and it can change direction especially in long-distance and hard throws. You can do these fine-tuned shots only when you master the billiards.

Also when you hit the bottom of the ball hard, the ball will move forward at the table while turning backwards, or vice versa.
If you hit the ball, it will go forward again while turning forward. In this extra, you will develop the shots as long as you master the ball and start sending the white ball to the direction you want to take.

One point to note is to use chalk. You should chalk the tip of the cue before almost every shot (especially after the spin shots). The chalk will prevent the skin on the tip from slipping off the surface of the glossy and smooth ball. Missing or chalk may cause chalking, you can get chalk habits in time with your chalk type. Do not rub the chalk as you try to puncture the chalk, chalking the edges of the chalk on the edges of the chalk to prevent the carving of the middle and provides long-term use. Another reminder, do not put chalk on the table on the tip of the cue, the chalk dust pouring onto the table is the most important factor that reduces the life of the cloth (the cloth on the table). Chalking must be finished before bedtime.

After these trainings, make matches with your friends to try what you have learned and try to make good strokes.

If you want to be a master pool player you should play with very good players, get help from coaches and work hard. When you learn about billiards, you can enjoy this without forgetting that it is a hobby and a sport, and it is not the victory to be loved in this game which will become a passion in time.

You can ask what you want to ask about billiards in the forum and get answers from skillful players.

You can also request the coach to take a pool lesson from our room.