Best Snooker Tips for Starters

snookerSnooker is arguably one of the most delightful games out there. You probably love watching it on television and see how those professionals like Ronnie O’Sullivan pot the balls. You, therefore, head to the club and pick your cue–with a lot of hope. You chalk it well, no problem. Could this be your new hobby? Well, you realize that learning a new sport can sometimes be intimidating and even pocketing a ball requires some skill.

There are numerous tricks that you have to master before you become the next big name who compile a 147 break in this sport. We have prepared some expert tips to help you enjoy snooker as a starter.

Tip 1: Chalk up

This is a technique which most players seem to despise, yet, when done well, it could work wonders. Some do not know why it is used. Now, here is the answer: chalk prevents the cue from sliding off the ball prematurely, which could ruin the shot. Most of the balls you fail to pot could be as a result of the cue sliding against the balls. Chalking up will help you avoid some of those unnecessary mistakes.

Tip 2: Learn how to hold your cue

Avoid holding the cue with your fingertips (it is not a cup of tea). Don’t hold it too tight either. Before taking a shot, keep your eye on the ball and lower yourself to the table.

Tip 3: Have a proper stance

Every game that involves a ball requires balance. Your stance is your position as you take a shot. A comfortable stance with a perfect balance should be your aim. For those who are right-handed, most of your weight should be on your left foot.

Tip 4: Know how to bridge

Bridging seems like a hard task, especially for beginners. In the case of a bridge, always place your hand flat on the table, and then spread your fingers. Remember, the closer the bridge is to the cue, the slimmer the chances for an error.

Tip 5: How do you hit the cue ball?

I have seen many times, players hitting the ball far harder than should be. It is always a dangerous idea as your cue ball could end up in the pocket. Only use as much power as required.

Tip 6: Learn how to spin

It is a common thing in snooker that your opponent ties your balls. Or, even worse, you are sure that taking a direct shot would pocket your cue ball. If that is the case, you need to add a spin to your armory. Should I mention how bad it would make your opponent feel if you spin your cue ball to hit just the ball after they tied you?

Playing snooker is interesting. Mastering the skills is, however, the most important thing. Even after you read those tips, you will not achieve the pro status overnight. Remember, practice makes perfect.